During the old days, when we have meeting we will draw something on the whiteboard, when we have class we will draw something on the chalkboard. Nowadays, things changed, it is replace by projector. For those who still prefer the old school method, they will use whiteboard, and some with use projector and whiteboard combination.

When i develop the Pinchboard App, the idea was to put the whiteboard, shrink it and put it into iPad. A portable "whiteboard", that you can bring it anywhere. You can have meeting in Cafeteria, without the hassle of bring whiteboard around. 

There might have some difficulty to write a lot stuff on iPad due to it screen size. So pinch-to-zoom functionality was added into the App. That is where the Pinchboard name come in - pinch and whiteboard.

Then i added the function to add picture and text into the App. Instead of write it, you can insert picture and text into it.

This year i added collaboration functionality into the App. With chat and voice conference, you can have meeting with people in another location as long as both side have internet connection.

Sound great? then head over to App Store and download it today.

AuthorJuiko Ong